Saturday, July 17, 2010

dear babe,

a couple nights ago your dadda put your new bed together.
your grammy-a helped me pick it out :) thanks grammy-a!
and i was quite proud of your dad. he made it look so easy :)

and you might have woken up during this process.
because i accidently ran into the corner of the crib
(sometimes it sticks out further than i realize), and jabbed my belly.
but, i was on a mission.......
a mission to make us some rootbeer floats!
cuz you'll learn quick in our family........
we work hard, but we snack harder :)
can't wait to share some bedtime snacks with you.....
...of which will often times consist of sliced apples at your bedside,
cuz thats what my momma did for me when i was wittle.
she's your other grammy. grammy-L we'll call her

speakin of grammy A and L........we'll have to come up with some better/cute/fun names for them.

start brainstormin, will you? maybe come up with a list in between your karate kicks, that should work.

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