Friday, July 23, 2010

i suppose i'm in mourning...

...because im sitting on my couch,

devouring a piece of this cake: hold up.
breakabreaka wuuuuuutttttttttt?????????
yeah, i know, its a pretty sweet cake.
and i'll get to that in a different post.
but the fact is, im eating it. for comfort.
now why am i in mourning?
when i woke up this morning, i looked over at my nightstand and saw this:

its from charlotte.

and its on my nightstand because YESTERDAY morning,
she was in bed with me. playing. and cuddling. and wrestling.
and nawing on that bunny's ears.
and now she's gone. boo.
then i wondered into the living room and saw this:more of her stuff.

and then in the kitchen.........her left over juice.

and then in their bedroom, this:and im not pickin any of it up.

i'm still pretending they are here.
ugh. boo. hoo. ahhhhhhh.
i suppose our time apart makes our time together-better..........
and i suppose its just a season and someday we'll live close...........
but for now, im poutting.
and i might go get another piece of cake.


  1. we're sad too. Charlotte is seriously a crabby pants today. our house isnt fun-she hates our toys. we miss aunt linds. boy did we leave a mess. sorry. thanks for picking up after us!

  2. boo. that IS sad :( i couldn't stand living far from my family! you should just move to cali already!! there. settled. :)