Thursday, July 8, 2010

i am really really...

....REALLY looking forward to life with kids.
i'm always daydreaming of the FUN we will have!
whether i'm only home with them in the summers........
or whether my dream of 'home all the time' will come true.........
we'll have a BLAST :)

we'll hang artwork up to show daddy!

and i'll help them put on neighborhood performances in our backyard.

and have arts and crafts days when its rainy outside.

and this organizational system makes me so happy inside.
and go thrifting, allowing them to pick out their own lawn chair and their own paint color.
making our yard quite the colorful attraction, SO full of life :)





  1. ahhhh, Lindsey, you are going to be an amazing mom!! I can't wait FOR you to experience it all, and, I'm sure, to see your good example and learn from you along the way!

  2. i'm with talia. you're going to be the greatest mom! EVER!