Saturday, July 10, 2010

dontcha like to....

......get rid of stuff?
i do.

me and clutter are not bff's.
the show about the hoarders on tv, freaks me out.

guess what's cool about my street??
the pool is about 5 houses down.
a park is literally acrosst the street.

which means........
lots of people passing by
lots of people like to take stuff.
lots of stuff is what i'm puttin' on my driveway.
stuff stuff stuff.


its gone.


i figure, if they're takin it, they need it more than me :)
i mean, i have already had a garage sale.
and it was great......
but this is easy. cheesy. catsmakemewheezy.

i be pitchin left and right.........
and i be lovin every minute of it.

think its 'nesting'??? hmmm. could be.

and really......... i do need to clear some room for the babe.

we are now a FAMILY OF 3 instead of just 2. whoa.

and i can't wait to dress him like these little romeo's..........

whoops. i forgot what store i saw these from. so i can't link the picture. ugh. sorry.


  1. Ooooooh I absolutely LOVE getting rid of stuff. It makes me giddy. I probably over-get-rid of stuff, but I'd rather have everything clean and minimalistic...especially my closet. If I haven't worn it in 4-6 months it's off to Plato's :) Love the cute little boy clothes, especially the fedora!

  2. mmm, i think i'm in the mood to purge too. the thing with kids...they come with lots of clutter. stuff! toys, toys, everywhere! :)

    and oh boy! those are some cute bambinos. dressing a boy will be SO fun!!