Friday, July 23, 2010

so i had a... shower ;)

and here's a quick photo story, to show y'all the beautiful time we had...

took pictures. duh!
with the radiant hosts-carrie and sam (myself) the cake master-heidi, and the organizer/headmaster/host/best sissy ever-liza
posed again. because we love eachother. me and heidi do.
posed as a fam.
sissy lesley, momma (the future grammy of babyleif!!!!), me, sissy liza, and little charlotte
eeeeeeeeeek love them all.
had some good laughs.
sweet aunt marcie showin off her hawaian grass skirt.
totally festive. and completely proper for our theme. like it.
captured precious moments with great grammy and baby boo........
totally proud of my grandma rath, she came sportin' her own hawaian shirt, and an authentic necklace.......go granny go.
discovered that charlotte likes adults, better than babies.
babies steal the attention from her.
and even though hudsypoo is cuter than cute, and so sweet........
she wadn't havin' it.
posed for pics with the future great grammys:
my grandma rath, and mr leif's grandma annie
played games, talked, gathered, ate, and enjoyed :)
mr leif's aunties and his mom (momma2 - the future grammy abbi!!!)
did the gift thing. (LOVE them all, eeeeeeeeek!) and i had a sweet gift assistant.
discovered that charlotte will pose all cheezylike
anytime you put the camera close to her face.
i mean
tried out my public speaking
clearly wasn't hesitant to embrace the pole for support while speaking.....
....i totally should have ended my thankyou speech with a quick pole dance.
it would have been sweet.
and totally appropriate.
had a wardrobe change.
because thats what you do with cute squishy little girls.
you change their clothes a lot
because they look fab in anything.
had a bestie reunion, me and lauren did, and amanda too........but
amanda, where are you for this picture, boo!
well i dont really know what we are doing here.
but i like it.
i'm hikin up the dress
liza's in action about to do her hosty-host thang
aunty joan and momma2 are in deep discussion
and nessy is totin' around hudsy.
i like.
really good food.

thank you sissy(s)

thank you sammy and care

thank you heidi

thank you momma and momma2

thank you thank you thank everyone.

it was delightful.

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  1. FUN!!! what a sweet, sweet shower! for the most deserving momma to be, of course! :) i just looked at all your fb pics & then trotted on over to see you blogged about it! LOVE. your family is so beautiful. what a lucky lil' guy to be born into THAT :) xo.