Monday, September 13, 2010

belly bumpin.......

down the halls.

yep. it's as if i'm a sumo wrestler, meandering my way through masses of children, each morning as the bell rings.
you see......i greet all 438 children at the front door from 8:00 - 8:20, directing them where to go.
today, kindergarten-2nd-5th grades went into the gym for 'walk n talk' until our 8:20 bell
and 1st-3rd-4th grades went to their assigned hallways for enrichment time.
these students, some arriving as early at 7:00, just sit outside........crazy weather n all......waiting for the bell to ring.
so from 8-8:20, we try to provide some structure before the day begins.
wow. totally didn't intend to go so indepth with our morning routine. whoops.
when that 8:20 bell rings.......structured morning or not.......chaos hits.
and within the last week, my belly has really been in the way.
boingggggggg....... its like the children see it and then think it would be cool to catapult off of it.
i try not to be too crazy/overprotective/psycho mom with a baby in her belly.......
but. i've come to the point where i'm about ready to scream,
"back off the belly bozo's!!!!!!!!........there's a wittle baby in there!!!!!!!!!!"
here's my bump:

and. i forgot to document my 35 week mark last friday.
and. because pregnant girls will always be very precise about which week/which day they are on.
(because every day you get through is a celebration)
and. because i got to school early early today.
and. because our bathroom at school has a full length mirror.
(and also a door that won't shut.......see door in background)
here i am.
at 35 weeks. AND 4 days.

and what the heck am i doin? blogging at work???
oh that's's monday.........
and i'm having a hard time gettin into the groove.....
but i gotta run. its time for morning announcements!

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