Tuesday, September 7, 2010

now he knows...

...what it feels like to be pregnant.

ok, not really, but he has a little bit of an idea
- thanks to this 40 lb vest that has a stomache, and quite the chest i might add :)
he even had to sit in a chair, bend over, and try to pick something up...
but with his long arms - he made it seem quite easy.
i didn't hear the grunt that usually exits my mouth when doing this very similar task :)
oh look! we are now a family of 3 + 1 weighted attachment :)
christmas card photo!?!? probably not.
i'm sure we'll want to show off the 'real thing' then :)

but really........

i have more to say than silly jokes about mr. leif's manbaby-weighted-attachment thingy.

you see, the purpose of having the baby-daddy's put on this vest, is to give them a better picture of what the baby-momma is experiencing, so they might be more sympathetic towards them. to understand the uncomfortableness and awkwardness of carying a child :) they ask them to lay down, switch sides, bend over, tie their shoes....etc.....

why? because sometimes men need a little push in the whole sympathetic category.


not mr. leif.

he's everything a sympathetic baby-daddy should be :)

really though........i'm so thankful that this vest wasn't really an eye-opener for him, he's already showed his appreciation for what i'm going through long before our childbirth class.......and i know he'll continue to show it into the wee hours of labor and beyond :)


  1. haa! ha! hey, tim never had to put that on. what the heck. i was jipped ;) that's too funny though! i bet everyone was crackin' up for sure. you guys are the cutest.

  2. I do believe you look 10's x's beter than Casey being pregnant. How fun that he was put in that situation!!! Love you. Mom

  3. how funny, Aaron never had to do that either...(I guess we get jipped in CA, huh Molly?) I am so thankful your hubby has such a servants heart.

  4. hahaha so funny! i wish I had pics of my husband in one of those too! We went to one birthing class and ditched the rest hahahaha!