Wednesday, September 8, 2010

dear mom and dad......

thank you.
thank you for coming to help this past weekend.
when you're here, life seems easy.
mom cooks and cleans.
dad helps mr leif fix things.
we are lazy.
we are busy.
we eat.
we eat really good food.
and have rootbeer floats.
it's not that life is hard when you're gone.......
because mr leif takes pretty good care of me ;)
it seems as though i can exort just that much more laziness from my ever-growing self......knowing you'll pick up the slack......and it won't all fall onto mr leif's plate.
so thank you for easing his load - by helping me.
dad, thank you for helping us price check the deep freeze a million i have a place for my breastmilk to be stored :) well, not just that, but the 4 lasagnas you made us mom, and the corn.
and thank you for the future runzas that will also fill my new freezer.
mom, thank you for helping me, well....actually mr leif, hang the pom poms. even through my frustrations you persevered and the babe's room looks just so cute :)
and thank you for washing the baby's clothes.
for folding them
and for organizing them.......
and for cutting all the tags off them.
mom, i do understand your obsession to remove tags, just haven't taken it upon myself to indulge in such an important time-consuming task :)
i mean, you never know when you are going to take something back, necklace???
thank you for telling me its ok that i haven't written any 'thank-you's' yet. i've been blessed with so many baby gifts......but have yet to sit and write thank-you's. thank you for agreeing that i could write the thank-you's on the back of the birth announcement if i'd like. so supportive of my laziness, and i love you for it :)
thank you for cleaning my bathroom floor, like, really goood. it was missing you. (i think you were the last one to clean it........oh ........about 6 weeks ago)
dad, thank you for helping mr leif put the baby gear together.
our front room is screaming 'baby' and i can't wait to start using it all :)
and thank you for coming up with all sorts of ideas for our out-of-control/tree-filled/crazy overgrown-river-side back yard. i'll be holding you to each of those projects dad. and i'll reward your work with more grandchildren. i promise!


  1. Linds- What a great post. I really need to copy about half of what you wrote and send it to my mom and dad. I had to laugh b/c a few weeks ago my parents did very very similar things for Kurt and I including putting sweet corn that they had canned, and homemade runzas from my mom in our freezer, as well as cleaning everything, doing all the baby laundry, fixing things around our house etc... I can totally relate to how greatful you feel! Hang in there not much longer girl! I must say the anticipation mounts even more the closer you get. I am officially one day overdue and if you talked to me you probably would think it was more like two weeks b/c I can't wait to meet this babe! Have a great rest of your week and take some time for you!

  2. i'm sure your mom & pops are SO proud of you. & those pictures of you are AWESOME! you are so cute. i like how you promise to reward your dad's work with more grandchildren :) nice!