Monday, September 27, 2010

on my agenda tonight...

...well, before i get too far into that,

i should tell you that i went to the dr today and i'm 2 cm dilated! yay! and 50% effaced, yay! and i can definitely say there's been some 'different feelings' ......cramping ones........but probably not contractions. i did, however, have 4 people tell me today at work that after they got checked the first time, they started having contractions within next day or two, ah hah!!!!! wink wink!!!!.......goodness......i'm probably being ridiculous here, but hey, it could happen :)

(yeah..........i totally didn't know what dilated or effaced meant 10 months ago.....)


so my agenda?
1. go to the mall and walk around. a lot. and wiggle this baby down down downnnnnnnnn...... (while looking for a nursing tanktop)
2. make puppy chow (actually have mr leif make puppy chow after he's done with monday night football at with the guys from church)
3. make my puppy chow baby leif gifts
4. take pictures of the puppy chow baby leif gifts to show you just how cute they are :)
5. pout that the last thing for the nursery hasn't come in the mail.......hence the fact i haven't posted any pictures of the babyroom yet.......
6. get off the computer THIS instant so i can get going to the mall, gotta get my walk on, and i'll be swinging these hips back and forth, wiggle that baby down!

adios amigos.

afer work today we went to have our carseat inspected/have them install it for us, and we got showed up. yup. the cops stood us up. so pshhhhhhhhhhh............

(watch me go over my due that my hopes are up........i'll probably be at a 2 for the next 3 weeks..........a girl can dream, a girl can dream)

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  1. aren't there other things you can do, wink wink? and is that actually true? and do you actually feel like you CAN do that at this point?