Saturday, September 11, 2010

snug as a bug... a rug.

whew......we made it.
on thursday, we finished our 5 week childbirth class :)
(with the exception of skipping 1night to stay home, and eat rootbeer floats, and be lazy)
we still got our certificate of completion.
we got an 80%, mr leif says.
i tried to capture some memorable moments from our last night.....
and looky here!
mr. leif is a swaddle star.
snug as a bug in a rug!
baby burrito? check!
and how about that diaper change??!
he's got that one down too :)

daddy daycare?

yes sir!

ps. if he begins to feel a bit rusty with the ole' swaddling techniques, mr leif said he'll practice by swaddling me........suppose we need to round up quite the large blanket for that.

don't worry though. if i do get swaddled. i'll be sure to have my photo taken, you know, by the swaddle-pro.

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