Friday, September 10, 2010

grace comes in all...

...sorts of shapes and sizes.

...yesterday, mine came in the form of these two cuties :)

they brought me their sweet little notes.....
helping me see that i can't throw the towl in yet......
that my job isn't done here at school until this baby comes!
but, when littleleif arrives........i'll be missed :)
God knows when we need His help :)

and just about the time I felt so worn out....
just about the time i was ready to give up....
(because racin down these school halls is a bit tiresome for a 35 week preggo)
He came through.
He gave me grace.
and now i can keep on truckin'.
i'm glad i serve someone like that.
and by the way.....He's used my students before :)

1 comment:

  1. those notes are TOO adorable. and seriously, I have NO IDEA how you can do your job at 35 weeks preggo. I am so impressed. I could hardly even walk through target when i was 35 weeks along.