Tuesday, September 21, 2010

what we do without cable...

back in JULY we cancelled our cable.
(you know.......savin those pennies.......one less cable bill at a time)

and without a 'converter box', that means we get not a single channel.
just fuzzzzzzzzz when you push power.

however a few things to help with those times when we really just need to vege out are........
  1. colette and her hubs, quinn, gave us a cord to hook our computer up to the tv. we've only used it like 3 times........but it does work, and its a nice little back up.
  2. there are 2 redbox locations within 4 blocks of our house. one is inside hyvee, which is just a block to the left, a block to the right, then two more blocks to the left. and the other is inside mcdonalds, which is a block to the left, a block to the right, then another block to the left, and lastly, a block to the right. (because you really needed to know those directions. right?) so anyways. we rent movies on the weekends :)


3. we do this:

not sure what that is?

does this spark your memory?

we hooked up our super-nintendo. (we bought it off of amazon 2 years ago!) and we play mario brothers, and mario cart, and donkey kong, and mr leif plays techno or techmo football, i don't know what it's called.
i'm horrible at video games. i, luigi, get hit by fire bombs, little mushroom people that jump, and basically any sort of enemy defeats me. but mr leif, mario, is my teammate, so he usually helps us get through the worlds.....
and yes. we're playing nintendo because we are trying to soak up every last bit of life our life now......before it drastically changes, and we can no longer sit for hours eating rootbeer floats, playing video games, and laying around being lazy :)


  1. HAHAHA We don't have tv either! we use the red box all the time too! I like it that way though. I think we enjoy time together so much more! You two are cute playing Mario together and now i WANT a root beer float!!

  2. i was so adept at mario bros as a kid, i could save the princess upside down(literally) with one eye tied behind my back.

    in college, i was introduced to mario carts and was sufficiently humbled. my roommates made me practice A LOT on rainbow road, so as to avoid complete and total demolition.

  3. one time we stayed with Ed and Betty Hoffman for two weeks when my parents were away, and they had a Nintendo. I had never played any sorts of video games before, but I got really really really good at it in those two weeks! hehe.

    I'm glad you two are soakin' up these days before baby comes along! :)

  4. I couldn't make it without TV! (Well neighter could my kiddos, yes I sometimes use it as a babysitter. :-p ) It won't be long and your little one will want root beer floats and mario brothers too. Reed is now 5 and he pretty much mastered Mario brothers at 4 1/2 and trust me it didn't take much time as he doesn't get to play it very often. ;) Enjoy your last few months before you're a family of 3.

  5. OOPs! neither is what I meant to type.