Monday, September 20, 2010

you don't really count by weeks...

...until you become pregnant.

i mean, come know you are with me on this one. if you have never been pregnant, and you ask someone how far along they are you want months! why? because we all know the '9 months' part of being pregnant (which is actually more like 10-ish or something weird like that)

and. when the preggo lady you're asking responds with "23 weeks"........ you're totally like "oh.....??" because 23 weeks means NOTHING to you. except for the fact that you are quickly dividing that by 4 and then trying to convert those weeks into months so you can both be on the same page.

but. once you are 'with child' you become a 'week-er'. EACH week is a success. EACH week is worth celebrating. and EACH week is a week closer to that magic number: 40 weeks.

there are many mini milestones, like the trimesters, the 20-week ultrasound, the 36ish week declaring you full term........etc......but EACH week is truly a celebration.

then. when you get to the 30's......and specifically that 36th begin counting down days. and that means its so close you can taste it.
although, that's a bit freaky. because you don't taste babies.

but, well, actually, wait! you do taste them. i mean.........who hasn't wanted nibble on their little chunky arms and legs, and cheeks, and feet, and EVERY inch of them!?!?!?!?!

i, for one CAN'T wait to snack on my babygoodness :) (and yes, that sounds so wrong, yet SO right) if you haven't tried nibbling your lippies on a baby's skin. you can try it on babyleif. i'll let you. its better than rootbeer floats.

i know this because, i was feeling nibble-licious, the moment she came:

ok. but back to the whole week thing.

so back on FRIDAY i hit the 36 marker :)

and here, i'm trying to smile.......because yes, 36 weeks brings all sorts of "wow i have a basketball in my belly. and i can't bend over. and i can't sleep. and i pee too much" feelings......

and when i tried to smile big, mr. leif said this one looked fake.
ok. come on.........we must put our arm on our hip, because our arms grow flab while growing a child and it jiggles, and we must put one foot in front, because our thighs grow flab too, and we must stand a bit angled, because our butt also grows flab :) and if we are gonna be fake with this pretend pose that looks as unrealistic as possible, then lets get all cheesie with it.

so now.......cheers to 36 weeks AND AND AND (wait for it..........) 4 DAYS!

and in 3 DAYS i'll be to the 3 week countdown.........(37 weeks, ehemmm, your translation)

yeah, yeah..........someone's excited to meet this minimrleif.


  1. you look incredible girl. Congrats on the 36 weeks! Conrad came early at 37 weeks and I felt like I was HUGE. I hated those last few weeks. It goes by so slow.

    You are a doll!

  2. you do look SO good. SO GOOD! i can't believe it's almost go time either. AHHHH! you are gonna be such an amazing mama! and you're lips taste SO yummy. nothing better in the whole wide world.

    AHH! 36 WEEKS! you did it! you did it!

  3. You are almost there!! Yay! I agree with look fantastic!! With my first, my water broke at 37 weeks exactly! I was shocked and not ready! I expected to be late like everyone says. I thought, "oh no, i have to actually give birth now!!" Good baby really can come at anytime!!

  4. First of all, this post is so true! ha :)

    Secondly Baby Leif could realistically arrive any day now!!! I am so, so, soooo EXCITED!

    Congrats on the 37 week milestone - any last minute stuff I can help you with (PLEASE)?

    I am calling you later :)

  5. Happy I found your blog lindsey! I had to smile as I read it because oh how everything u said is so true! LOL! Congrats on the baby news! So happy for the both of u- the 3 of u! And by the way, how has life been?!? I don't think we have talked since tom and I left KC- TWO years ago!!!!!

  6. I'll jump in there with everyone else and say how AMAZING you look! (but I did laugh at what you said about the posing and why we must, because YES SO TRUE. hahaha) Beautiful beautiful Lindsey.

    Um.... didn't you JUST announce you were pregnant?? Seriously, it does not seem like that long ago!! I can't believe it's already almost time for babylief to show up!

    but I'm oh so so so excited. :) I'm praying for you in these last weeks of pregnancy, as you put up with all the uncomfortableness and you prepare to be a mama.... you're going to be a mama!! I just can't wait to see that :)

    and yes, baby nibbles are the BEST. If I could, I would run right over to snack on babylief when he arrives. (I wish I could. and I would bring you baked goods, and do your laundry, and listen to you tell me all about your thoughts on mommy-ing)

  7. You are sooo adorable Linds. I know you probably don't feel adorable but you look GREAT! So excited for you and Case! We will pray for you guys over the next few weeks!