Tuesday, October 12, 2010

am i ready?

...to have a baby?

yikes! there's all the lists, the tips, the advice, the classes, the weekly calendars, the countdowns.......and then. BAM! it's here.

of course no female will ever be able to fully prepare for the transition into motherhood.
it's unimagineable. you can guess, speculate, predict. but. you won't know until it happens.

i haven't been able to sleep. at all. the last couple nights. there are the weeks leading up to the big event where you don't sleep very well, can't get comfortable, have to pee about 5 times during the night, but these last few nights are brutal. i just lay there and randomly check my phone to see what time it is. then i flop over and grunt to try and get comfortable, maybe stare at mr leif for a while, and try to close my eyes. when that doesn't work, i hold mr leif's hand, and he squeezes my hand back. but he doesn't know he's doing that. because he is in a deep sleep - i know because he's snoring. but i pretend he does.

insert random thought: i haven't had any weird dreams this whole pregnancy. like any. no freak out weird looking babies. no scary labor situations. none!

i was supposed to go to work today. it was going to be my last day. but after yesterday's news, AND night #2 of not sleeping, AND my desire to stay home and soak up some peace and relaxation, AND all these cramps and pulls and tugs and even a few contractions - nada. no work for me :)

i got up with mr leif. ate some captain crunch :) and then went back to bed.
soon i did the sideways roll, over the bed, and moved my feet to the edge, so i could let gravity get me out of my new fleecey sheets. i plopped my feet to the floor, and achingly stood up straight......ok! time to dominate this day :)

so. i cleaned up the dishes. and ate an apple. did some laundry. and a cookie.
and then went back to bed. and slept for about an hour.

ok, repeat the roll to the side of the bed, plop out, and this time.........i brushed my teeth and put my contacts on. time for a walk!

i walked for about an hour. stopping only twice because, OUCH! was that a contraction? or just the baby trying to swim deeper into the ocean of my uterus :)

now. i'm back home.
time for a shower.
ohmygoodness.......this could be my last shower with my baby belly. yikes!
time to blow dry my hair. it takes so. long. because it is. so. long.
then i'll straighten it.
then i'll try on my delivery earings.

and after i take them back off and put them in their circle plastic case thingy,
i'll start doins some squats.

wiggle down babyleif.
wiggle down.

and after he wiggles down a bit further. it's off to the store. mr leif has been the bestest husband ever. ever. ever. so he deserves a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. imma get me some ingredients so he can come home to a fresh baked treat :)

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  1. hmmm. tonight would be a great night to have a baby, don't you think??
    after the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, of course. :)
    praying for you! praying for mr. leif! praying for babyleif! praying it happens SOON!
    keep doin' those squats, Lindsey :)