Monday, October 11, 2010

i DID pop on 10-10-10...

...but not exactly with a baby.

you can listen for yourself.

ps. i've been nibbling on my nails again. ugh. must mean i'm getting anxious :)

watch them in order. ok? okay.

man, my nails are gone. gone. gone.

yeah...............sorry that these next two are sideways.

i'm just a sideways kinda girl. ya know?

PS............i need some braces. my teeth are really crooked. on the bottom row. (lauren hurry up and get through dental school)


  1. LINDSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!!!!!!! you're at a stinkin' THREE?!?!?!!!! that's SO great!! a 3! a 3! she's at a threeee! goooooooo, baby leif!

    i just did a cheer for you in my head. i knooooooooow.

    man, that's a lot of exclamations i just used. bt you're having a BABY! like NOW! i don't think you'll make it to thur, but who am i? geesh.


    p.s. i LOVE hearing your voice. i know that sounds weird, but who cares. i do.

  2. EXCITING!!! Can't wait to meet Baby Leif!!

  3. you are the most adorable thing ever! i love your interviews. i am so so so EXCITED for you! i can't wait to meet baby leif!!!!!!!!

    ps and i love hearing your sweet songbird voice too!

    pss. my word verification was CHING. kind of reminds me of pop??? am i weird? it's a sign baby is coming soooooon!

  4. Ok so I can't remember if I've ever actually commented on your blog before but when I saw these videos I just had to say oh my goodness how darn CUTE are you?! I've been following you on this journey of yours (how CREEPY do I sound right now? Aaah! I'm so sorry) and I'm so excited for you to meet baby leif!! You guys seem like such an adorable and HAPPY family and I just love that so much :) Hooray, hooray for precious babies!!

  5. Hey, I'm another long time follower! Love your story and can't wait to meet baby. I'm so excited! I've been thinking/praying about you all week. You are my daily internet check-in. Can you have live updates? Just kidding, enjoy every moment.

  6. Holy Cow Linds! So excited to hear that you are so close! I know that it is an awesome feeling to acutally have a for sure 100% date so you know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel but lets hope you go before Thursday! Keep shaking those hips! We are still praying for you and Casey, and baby Leif of course! Can't wait to meet Baby Leif!!!

  7. Yay!!!!! :) So excited for you! Love the cute interviews........ jenny
    p.s. You sounded a little stuffy...... just saying. That's a VERY good sign! ;)

  8. eeeeeeeeeeeeeee a threeeeeeeee!!!!!! SO exciting!!! you're so close. SO CLOSE. I was grinning like crazy as I watched these, practically bouncing up and down in my chair with the thrill of it all. :) :) :)

    I don't think you'll make it to Thursday either... but I guess we'll see. Either way, we all get to meet babyLief soon!!!

    I love when you do videos, for you are adorable and funny and have the sweetest voice. It makes me miss you!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo