Monday, October 4, 2010

soakin up the weekend...

...cuz it could have been our last kid-free weekend for A. LONG. TIME.

well, babyleif had his 38 week celebration last friday.
i hope this doesn't scare you.
or gross you out.
how crazy is it that your tummy can stretch this far!
we kicked it off with a royals game.
and the royals are usually bad.
just sayin.
and tonight they won.
all 4 games we went to this year, they won.
babyleif is good luck.
oh yeah,
we spent lots of time with these friends.
this is colette.
she's sweet :)
we made our 'welcome babyleif gifts' for the hospital.
i did mention previously, we'd be doin something with puppy chow.
brief change of plans.
monster cookies popped in my mind as i was browsing through target for my delivery earings.
so monster cookies it is :)
and by 'we', i mean mr leif.
but he knows that.
when i say 'we should make monster cookies' or 'we should hang that shelf' ........ it usually 98% of the time means he should. he knows we means he. but he loves me anyways.
and here's the cute little baggies.
one cookie per nurse please :)
oh and visitors will get one too!
'we' BOTH have our bags packed. ready to rock.
come on little fella, go ahead and POP out!
diaper bag? check!
lindsey's bag? check!
mr leif's bag? check!
extra bag with blanket and pillow for mr leif? check!
yep. even my delivery earings are ready to be worn.
come on. a girls gotta look good while pushin a babe out, right?
well, truth is, i probably will forget to put them in.
but i did buy them for $5 from target, for the sole purpose to wear while giving birth.
we didn't get our carseat in yet.
i mean, it's in the back seat, but it's just floatin around back there.
if we do go to the hospital anytime soon, we're gonna need someone to step up and install that sucker for us :) colette? ok, colette will.
babyleif's pad almost complete
STILL waiting for the last part.
you know.
picking a name.
cuz i can't make my name thingy idea. if we don't know the name!?!?!
patience, lindsey. patience.
mr leif says wait til we see'im, i'll wait. i suppose.
oh yes. we got festive.
who knew we could by fresh made donuts at a cider mill/pumpkin patch?
well. they were yummy.
i ate lots of bad stuff.
2 donuts.
large hot cider.
bottle of cream soda.
(and of course like 8 monster cookies when i got home)
thanks for the road trip C and Q
and yes, i am wearing the same shirt AGAIN.
thanks sissy for sending it to me.
i am officially out of maternity clothes.
i have no winter pants. so i rotate between black and grey tights.
and then i rotate my 3 long shirts.
occassionally adding a scarf or necklace.
SO ready for regular clothes again :)
she's having twins. boys. eeeeeeeeeeeek!

and funny thing. mr leif and i were doin our sunday night grocery thang......and while browsin those isles, decided to hit up the salty iguanna for some espinaaaaaaaaca.

so we walk in, and who is sittin right there? yep C and Q. yikes.

can't get enough of them two i guess :) its ok though, she's preggers with twins so we have LOTS to talk about. not that i'm havin 2 too, you know, it's just the whole, 'having a human(s) growing inside of you' promotes good convo.

it was a good weekend.

and this morning as mr leif brought me my cereal in bed. we both confirmed that we celebrated our 'could be last weekend without children for a LONG time' fabulously.

JUST fabulously.


  1. ohhh! it sounds fabulous :) and you are lookin' FINE. seriously, you're ADORABLE. i can't even stand it. the baby's room is so cute! can't wait to see him IN IT! & that's the sweetest thing that you made little welcome bags for all the nurses & guests! whodathunkit?! oh, & those earrings! i can already see them on you while you're huffing & puffing (oh so gracefully. ha.) your friend is adorable too. twin boys? God bless her :) xo.

    happy monday, lindsey!!! love you!

  2. you are ridiculously cute. and sweet. and darling.

    those earrings are just too cute! LOL about Molly's comment of huffing and puffing.

    Those cookies sound so amazing! you are such a nice girl. i never gave anyone squat. though my water broke early 2 times, in my defense. still there were those other 2 kids i could have done something for...oh well. maybe next time. ha. my hubby will kill me if he saw me write that!

  3. Praying for you daily Linds! Can't wait for your little guy to make his appearance. If you haven't had your carseat installed I have a guy that you can call. Out of the 5 places I called he was the easiest to schedule as he inspects them anytime anywhere opposed to police stations where they only do it certain days of the week. He does ask that you atleast try to install it yourself first and then he will check to make sure you have it correct. His name is Joel Johnson 913 6812764. Also as you are trying to keep your mind busy while you wait for the big day couple of things you might want to pick up before the babe arrives. You may know all of this and are more ready than we were, so please disregard my "advice" if you are good to go.
    Vasaline (if you are having him circumsized) Our doctor instructed us to do this not sure if yours will, large bottle of hand sanitizer (we have this in our living room for when guests came or when we needed a quick hand wash. :).
    Rubbing Alcohol and Q tips for the cord care (our dr. had us clean his cord with this but there may be differing opinions so just a thought) Wrap shirts. I got these at Target and they are so much easier to get on and off of the tiny baby as they open up and snap on the sides. Sleepers with zippers, this was a must for Kurt as it is so much easier to change the little bundle in the middle of the night when you only have to deal with a zipper. We also bought "lap pads" (not sure what he real name is but we got these at Target as well) We have struggled with Colins diapers leeking, we had to strip his sheets everytime with these pads they are washable and keep everything dry. I think they came three or four to a pack. Once again sorry for all the "advice". I know that everyone is very eager to tell you what you "should" do or what worked for them. Feel free to take the advice or completely block it from memory. :)
    You are going to be such a great mommy! I am so excited for you!
    ** CUTE CUTE CUTE NURSERY by the way!!

  4. What a cute little place you have, i love all of the little baby touches. And you look adorable! I gave birth at 38 weeks, he came early! You could have this baby any day now!

    October has been my craziest month this year. (and we're only what 5 days in?! or something) It's totally full already....