Tuesday, October 5, 2010

september vs october...

...september wins.
oh, because it's fuller.
i mean, it WAS fuller.
and now, i regret not filling october, like i plumped up september.
it was stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey.
it's only october 5 and i'm jealous of how september was.
septmeber was so busy we could barely breathe.
september was so busy weeks just flew by.
september was so busy, there was no impatience for the arrival of babyleif.
errrrrrrg. these first 5 days of october have seemed like 3 weeks.
and i'm wishing my calendar was full.
why did i clear out october anyways?
i mean, i thought i would have wanted some down time before the babe came.
eeeeeeeeeeeks. no down time no down time no down time.
down time = restless lindsey.
must. get. busy.
we're off to houlihans.
we have a free dessert coupon.
and we be cashin it in y'all.
but really.
i do know that EACH day is a blessing.
and i am truly thankful for EACH day.
i'm not wishing for days to fly by (well kinda) but i do know that each is a gift from GOD.
working on my attitude :)
thank you Lord for today.
and each day, regardless if i go into labor or not.
let me make the most of it :)

1 comment:

  1. haha, so funny! you can add my birthday to the 29th. ;)
    i'm with ya, i felt like september flew by...
    hope you have/had a lovely dinner and dessert!