Monday, November 15, 2010

happy birthday mr leif.

today you're 27.

just 10 years ago, you were picking me up at tara's house for homecoming.

just 8 years ago, you were emailing me papers to edit for your freshman english class. (and i would edit them instead of doing my trig assignment)

and just 8 years ago, you were vowing never to buy me jewelry, but then gave me my first little ring, and a teddy bear too.

just 7 years ago, we 'road tripped' to kansas city to stay at the crown center. we ate at a steakhouse that produced a bill well over $100. (and i wore an abercrombie shirt and jean skirt.......while the others were in suits and fancy dresses)

just 5 years ago you went golfing with my dad and asked him to marry me.

and just 5 years ago you popped the question, on my 21st birthday, in florida at my sissy's.

just 4 years ago we were having way too much fun, drinking way to much wine, and making way too many friends on our honeymoon in jamaica.

just 1 year ago, you were working in st. louis. and i was here in KC. alone. but only alone for 5 months, because the other 5 months i had a babe growin inside of me.

and JUST 1 month ago, we had a baby.

AND JUST yesterday, you looked so dreamy with your sunday's best on, cuddling up our little rome.
and NOW.... you in your pjs and romes in his dipe
(because he's so sweaty he doesn't sleep in clothes, only a swaddle blank!)

oh babe. its been the bestest bestest time ever with you.

as your homecoming date, your prom date, your girlfriend, your roadtrip pal, your ski buddy, your beach mate, your movie date, your wife, and now your babymomma.

thanks for being the cutest boyfriend ever, the most dreamy husband i could imagine, and the bestest babydaddy i could have ever doodled about.

doodled? yeah..........i used to doodle my 'future' initials during my english class senior year of highschool. back then i was LMR. but i knew someday i'd be LML. and with LML, came babies. babies that would make you my babydaddy.

LML was alllllllllll over my notebook.

happy birthday my lovie love. see you tonight! we have a hott family date planned to chipotle :)

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  1. fabulous and adorable. and i love your new header!