Tuesday, November 16, 2010

has chipotle always been...

...this good?
i mean, i think i've only eaten there twice before last night.
once in college. bad memory, thought it was gross. and way too much food.
and once when i was preggs. with sammy. and, then it was just 'ok'
BUT now, ohhhhhhh now???
now, i'm in love.
especially with the carnitas tacos. yum?????????
last night. we buckled up little rome.
and headed to chipotle, a pick by mr leif, for his 27th birfaday.
romedog loved the excitement. he was soooooo giddy......
and mommy loved her carnitas! (said with my spanish accent, just like tio! - that ones for my sis!)
roman, contain yourself. seriously. chipotle is no place for wild animals.
posin with dad. cuz he just turned the big 2-7.
happpppppppppppppppppy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and seriously. i need some MAJOR rescue 9-1-1 in the kitchen.
i could barely get this white bettiecrocker cake to stack.
silly me didn't wait until it cooled down.
goodness...........i'm always a complete mess in the kitchen.
BUT i'm learning, yes........with every mistake, i'm learning.
and besides. mr leif didn't care that it was totally leaning off to the right.
mr leif 27. me 26. romes 1 month.
all three of us have birthdays within a month!
cheers to another great year ahead..........
and cheers to chipotle.
dangggggggggggggggg it was good.


  1. super cute!!!! :) love this post. love your cake. adorable. happy bday to your hubs!!!

  2. jonny always food-guilts me at chipotle so he can eat my food...he's like, "girls can't finish an entire burrito!! that's gross, charlie!!!" so then I get mad, and give him the rest of my burrito. it works every time, darn it. he's a conniver.

  3. ohmygoshhhhhhh! i'm laughing so hard at you. roman! control yourself! this is no place for wild animals! BAHAAAAA. you funny girl. funny.