Monday, November 29, 2010

snuggles... my fluffly blankets.

when we were home for thanksgiving, i told my mom and sis that roman loves fluffy stuff. and i'm not sure they believed me, at first. however, as the days progressed....they began to see his relationship with fluffy blankets bloom, just as i pronounced to them. as strange as it sounds, this kid is in love. anything fluffly he snuggles way in and nestles his cheeks right up to.

i can give you an example.
just this morning, he was laying on this blanky after his playtime. i left to start unpacking, and just moments later walked back by him....
waaaa laahhh! he is all snuggled up. burrowed in like a little hibernating bunny. (do bunnies hibernate?)

goodness, roman! one must not stuff their face into the blanket! so i made a little clearing for him to breathe...

this one's a cutie. he's a loveable squishable nummy num num.

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  1. i just ordered fleece sheets from overstock because of you. me and roman both love soft stuff. :-) he's so beautiful...seriously!!!!