Monday, November 29, 2010


...i've got IT now. i can feel IT. i love IT.

before little roman was born, i wrote about IT. i wondered what it would feel like, you know, the love you have for your baby......because i have heard all about it, but just couldn't wait to experience it all on my own.
well, to tell you the truth, i planned on describing my own version of IT weeks ago, but IT really hadn't fully developed was just in the early stages of development ;)

but within the last 2 weeks, i've just begun to experience IT...and i'm beyond thrilled to declare that each day IT grows.....becomes more intense.....and even more difficult to describe.

...i could nibble him. literally. sometimes when i'm kissing him all over, i could just take a bite.

...when he naps, i get so excited for when he wakes up - i miss him so much during that itty bitty chunk of time.

...when he smiles it makes me feel love drunk. and, i would do absolutely anything crazy or out of control weird to keep him smiling (glad im home alone, no one can judge my loco moves)

...i can miss an entire episode of modern family when he looks at me - because i just gaze right back at him, for minutes upon minutes.......i often look up at the tv and think, oh whoops! i totally missed the whole show! (not to be thought that i sit and watch tv all day...... i wish) oh, and btw.....we did get cable back, we made it without tv for about 2 and a half months......then mr leif couldn't take the lack of college football saturdays, so we found a 'good deal' :) i'm up for cancelling it any time again!

...i don't know where my phone is half the time. this is a big deal people. i mean, i can think back to a time when i would take my phone everywhere, even to the bathroom with me! yep. come on, how DARE i miss a call or a text!?!?!? now? now, i don't care - i'll call whoever it is back later, when i find my phone ;) i'm with my baby and that's all that matters.

ohmygoodness, i could go on and on.........i truly don't know that i could stop giving tangible examples of IT.

i can't wait to experience IT's growth, each day......and YIKES! i can't even imagine the intenseness (is that a word?) of IT when you have more children.......because, yes, mr leif and i are already SO excited to go through this all over again! can't WAIT! *well kinda can wait, but only for a little while.......*

kelle hampton writes about her "THIS IS IT" moments HERE. she's got a bit of a different story, but it's still her IT.

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