Friday, November 12, 2010

vlog......roman style!

because i've had 3 almost sleepless nights in a row...

because my brain is sort of fried...

and because it was my birfday yesterday! i'm 26 now....

and because little rome was too cute for words this morning....

......i give you: ROMAN, and his first vlog.

and ps. for some reason, youtube makes the video fuzzy. i'll try vimeo tomorrow, but for leif is calling my name. we are going to go watch tv. because we HAVE cable now. (yeah, yeah, at&t was strikin' a deal). and roman is hopefully going to fall asleep in his swing. because that's the ONLY place he'll sleep these days..... but more on that later.....


  1. oh lindsey, you have some ooey, gooey, baby goodness goin on here!!! love your bloggie.....take a peek over at:
    have a happy weekend and try to get some sleep! i will tell you it gets better in the sleep department. the first six weeks were a struggle to keep it all together because of all the sleepless nights, feeling alone, wondering if you are meeting all the babe's needs, and the list goes on....and on......but six weeks was like the 'magic' birthday. he started sleeping through the night and seemed like he was less demanding....anyways, hope you get some rest this weekend and it WILL get better!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I love reading about your new mom adventures! Hope you get some needed sleep soon : )

  3. Lindsey! Thanks for posting the video of little roman! he is soooo sweet!!! It makes me feel like i got to meet the little guy!! Love catching up with your blog and seeing how sweet your family is!! Wish you guys lived closer... our boys could be liitle buddies :)

    Love ya!!

    -Deanna :)