Wednesday, December 1, 2010

cheers to december...'s my last month home with little rome.

oh goodness. in 32 days, i will drop my baby off at someone else's house. for 9 hours.
9 HOURS?!?!?!?
yep, 9 hours, each day.

and it will be brutal.

however, my sweet mother in law has suggested that rather then spend this last month dwelling on the misery of what will be my return to work, - i spend my time constructively. she challenged me to come up with 3 things i am grateful for, about my life, and the reality of where God has me right now - so as to channel my thoughts into positive things rather then the negatives that threaten to consume me as i get closer to january 3rd.

how funny is this. i just wrote, yesterday, about how i was GOING to do some sort of thankfulness theme in ode to thanksgiving throughout november.....but never got around to it. and now, this door has been opened.

so here's to day one.
and these will be in no particular order - just randoms as they pop in my head.
today, december 1, 2010, i am grateful for
1. roman's little lips. i kiss them a lot. i am glad i've been able to for 7 weeks and counting.
2. my office at work. it's big enough i can have a couch and three lounge chairs, and a table for my groups too.
3. picture texting. because i text pictures of roman to my family on a daily basis - and they love it :)

oh yes..........and i reserve the right to play catch up. you know, if i miss a day - then the next day i'll do double :)


  1. ahh, i love this. what a great idea. God bless the mother-n-laws :) one month is a long time. don't miss a thing. just like the song. i'll sing it if you want? no? okay then.

    love you!

  2. what a wonderful idea! I love it, and I'm so excited to hear all your thankful-fors. those little lippies... oh those little lippies. No wonder they were your very FIRST thing. :)

    I know I'm a horrible commenter lately (I almost never comment on anyone's blogs, and it makes me SO SAD. boooo.), but I just have to say that it makes my heart so happy to read all about you and Roman and your mommy-hood. You're simply amazing at it, and I'm loving seeing how you're already growing and changing in your role. Roman sure is blessed to have such a wonderful, beautiful momma. :)

    I'll be praying this next month gives you all you need for your big change come January! xxoxxoooo.