Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"seriously, mom..."

"...enough with the camera." - littleRome
"but roman, i just want to capture every funny face you make" - me

"but, mom, seriously, it's killin me."

"...and, you're still snapping.

"....yes, roman, i'm still snapping.
even if you stick your tongue out.
i'm gonna snap.
matter of fact, the sillier you get, the more i snap.
k? k."

"alright, fine, here's a little more normal pose, now will you stop?"

"oh what da heck, i'll even give you a smile."

"yep, i can get cheesy too."

"ahhhh MOM!!!!!!!!
stop the madness. seriously mom!!!
i mean, are you going to do this when i go to prom too?
please..........say no........"
"prom???? what!?!?!?"

"oh, i'm kidding mom, i love you the most, don't worry, i won't ever go to prom........or get a girlfriend.......or get married.
i'm yours forever."

"whewwwww, roman, good. that's more like it."


  1. he is SOOOO cute! and yes, proms and dating are certainly out of the question:)

  2. loving the flannel and the hair. baby you stylin!