Monday, December 13, 2010

what do you mean, straight jacket?

oh, you don't know?
well.......little roman falls into the category of
it's not a bad thing, well kinda, but not really.
you see, his arms and legs are almost constantly moving around, and most of the time it's really out of his control.
he isn't intending to fling his limbs around like a crazy dude, he just does it. we used to think he didn't like to be swaddled, because he would break out of it.
nahhh. he was just wiggling underneath the swaddle, and our swaddle blankets were no match for this tough one.
what do we do?
well, first i talk about my flailing baby with lots of moms, telling them that he wakes himself up all the time and i don't know what to do because he doesn't really mesh well with the basic swaddle........
then, i find one mom who has the secret, ah it's a miracle, literally. and she gave me her secret. its called a miracle blankie. aka - straight jacket.
now, poor roman, we borrowed this miracle blankie from a little girl, so he gets to wear PINK when he sleeps.
but just at night time.
because, as i mentioned in the post prior, his naps can often be swaddle free.......
alright. enough of all that blab.
here's the good stuff.
step one, trap his arms.
yep, each flap goes over his arms and then under his torso, making it only possible to break free if his body is lifted off the flaps. his own weight is trapping him in. sounds freaky?? sounds like something that you wouldN'T want to sleep in??
well, our romedog doesn't mind. infact, as soon as he's all trapped in his miracle blankie, he smiles and is usually pretty relaxed.
it truly is a miracle people.
and in a matter of minutes (most of the time)
he's ready to snooze.


  1. OMG he is such a cute little burrito!!!!! I love it!

  2. he looks like he's in a little cacoon. too adorable!

  3. oh, yes. the miracle blanket :) a mom's dream come true! ha! he looks so cute. i can't believe it's been 2 months! WHAT? how did this happen? i just love him. he's ADORABLE! even in pink :)