Thursday, December 30, 2010

tame that mane...

...oh little romes,
your hair has gotten a bit out of control.
so, we must..... cut it!
yep. i'm the horrible mom who chose to have your first haircut in the lobby of embassy suites, in omaha...and i didn't even keep a chunk of it.
it's ok, i'll just keep some of it from your second haircut, no biggie, right?
i mean, i can't keep up with all the "you should's" of new mommyhood anyways....

this is my cousin megan, she cut your hair. and she did a fab job. she's cute, ey?
your dad had to make sure we were safe with your wittle ears
grammy abbi got in on the action too!
go meggy go.
romes, you're a champ.
snip snip.
so careful.
admiring the snippies
thank you cousin megan,
and thank you aunt joan for being our photographer.
and thank you embassy suites for your hospitality :)
romes, you're lookin fly.

1 comment:

  1. mason - "romes you could have totally donated your locks of love to me!!!! i'm still a peach fuzz kind of dude!"