Saturday, April 23, 2011

6 months.

i always thought, "oh how cliche" when i heard others say..."they grow up too fast.......
but it's true.
terribly true.

i keep restating, "i wanna freeze this stage.... this one's the best."
but then the next one comes, and it's better.

he's half a year old. 6 months.
he's changing so much. every day.

we finally stopped swaddling you sweet baby.
you see, you began rolling over. so when you were all swaddled up and rolling over onto your tummy, causing you to face plant and have no arms free to help support your face up.........well, it was an issue.
safety first.
no more swaddle.

what else came with no more swaddle?
no more long stretches of sleep.

it's been a battle. a struggle. but we are making progress (i think...)
dear roman, you just love to pull your paci out. then you love to cry and stick you lip out and be all sorts of sad because you can't quite find it and get it back in.
needless to say,
we make lots of trips to your crib during the night to stick it back in.

some moms might judge.
some moms might say to let you go.
but i'd rather make you happy.
i'd rather help you out until your hand coordination gets better.
i'd rather assist you until you can do it yourself.
i'm your momma.
that's what i'm for :)

to add to your new sleeping drama, my sweet baby, is your love for all things soft and fluffy.
your crib? no so soft and fluffy. because that darn (and rather pricey mattress) isn't as soft as mommy and daddy's bed. and that stinkin' sheet is nothin' compared to mommy and daddy's fleece sheets...... roman, you MELT when you hit our bed. you love it. it's your safe place...
you love to snuggle in our bed.
you love to giggle in our bed.
you love to play in our bed.
and.........yes, sometimes we let you sleep in our bed.
but your our baby, so we can do that.

my little love, you can sit up! yes, all by yourself :)
and my oh my, just this week, you've begun to prop up on all fours, rocking back and forth........oh, SO close to crawling!!!
i'd rather you just stick with sitting for now, though....
i already know, once you begin crawling, there will be no stopping you.
a man on a mission.
time to baby proof :)
roman's a cute little wiggler, mover, scooter, and a groover.
yep, you gonna have sweet dance moves just like momma some day.
we be rockin to the tunes. shakin it left. shakin it right.
dad will just watch.
he doesn't like to dance much.
and that's ok!

only rarely are you serious.
just when you wake up for a brief moment, and then again when you get sleepy.....
and just when there is something so cool and neat to watch - then you get very focused.
but normally?
most of the time?
how we typically see you?
blowin' bubbles.
making high pitch giggly squeals.
and smilin' up a storm.
you're so happy.
happy. snappy. wappy.

little keep me on my toes these days.
you're so fun to play with! picking things up!
transferring things from hand to hand and then always into your mouth :)
no teethies yet. but still teething like a madman. drooling....gnawing on anything you can get your little pudgy fingies onto!!! are ticklish!!!
yes, you are!!!! under your armpits. your feetsies. your neck. your belly......
and your laugh?
well, it's the sweetest noise that i've ever heard.
almost sweeter than when your daddy tells me he loves me :) are resilient. you go to two different babysitters each week, and just this past week, you went to a third one :) you can acclamate to your surroundings very easily.
people make you happy.
hanging out in the grocery store, the mall, the park, or church is the highlight of your day.....any day.

but the highlight of your life? me and your daddy.
you love us.
and we love you.

and what the heck, these next 6 months are gonna be a blast.
crawling.....walking....maybe even a bit of talking.....
my little romanator, life is good.

we pray that God molds you into a leader, dear roman.
a strong, and humble leader.
a strong, humble and brave leader.......with a little side of silliness.


we do.
we do.


  1. happy 6 months to you both! such a huge milestone! he is soooo cute!

  2. I am so happy that I got to spend time with your little love this past week! He is so adorable and like you said,so adaptable! He acted like he had been to my house on a regular basis and it was no big thing for him to be surrounded by 3 big kids :) I am so happy I was able to help you out, but more happy that I got to see you and Roman! Happy 6 months Roman-you have such an awesome mommy! I will definitely be seeing you more in about 5 weeks--bring on summertime!!
    Love you all!

  3. I could just squeeze those cheekies! Happy half birthday little man!

  4. 6 months?! holy moly. what a doll baby! that smile KILLS me. and you get to see it LIVE every day!!!! so blessed. such great pics! happy 6 months little romeo :)

  5. he is too stinkin cute!!! love the mohawk :) so happy i stumbled upon your blog, i am your newest follower. hope ull follow me as well!


  6. You have such a cute son!! Happy 6 months :) Im so glad I found your blog. its darling! have a great day