Sunday, May 8, 2011

mothers day.

this past week, mother's day has been on my mind.....
it has a whole new meaning for me this year.
one that speaks of strength, patience, bravery, and love.

in just 6 months, i've changed more than i could have ever imagined.
i've been stretched, and yanked, and tugged in every direction while trying to take care of, love, feed, and make decisions - all part of this new gig i'm doin - motherhood.
it's scary but it's beautiful.

but what makes this whole motherhood thing do-able, what makes it so enjoyable, is to have a partner to do it with.

this past week, i was speaking with a colleague who is currently a single mom.......while i was sharing how helpful it is when mr leif washes my pump stuff in the evenings and gets it ready for the next day, she shared that she is lucky if she can get the father of her baby to buy a ream of diapers and bring it over.........

motherhood is so unbelievably hard and trying, yet the most beautiful thing at the same time...........i've come to learn it's best experienced with a helper, with a leader.
someone to bounce ideas off of.
someone to help with those middle of the night wake-ups.
someone to change a dirty diaper so you don't have to do each one.
someone to cook dinner because you are busy nursing the baby.
someone to tell you, you're doing a great job.

my someone met me with this, this morning:

and this too.
he was my gift, on this, my first mother's day.
my baby.
my little roman.
i can not explain the love i have for him.
not a day goes by when i literally want to nibble a piece of him.
not a day goes by when i squeal to mr leif saying, ahhhhhhh i just can't even explain how much i love this kid!
not a day goes by that i don't just stop, stare and glow in love for him.
he made me a mother.
he is my firstborn.

mr leif is lovely.
he even brought me a mimosa.

and made me pancakes.

they were really good.
even romes needed a bite.

it's been a beautiful day.

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  1. yummmmy favorite!!! :) roman is one lucky ducky to have you for a momma!!!!!
    pool at the ehly's is going up this summer!!! rome dog and maser will def be hittin' it up! :)