Thursday, May 19, 2011


this post is going to be really random.
you've been warned.

  1. i just heard a commercial about losing your muffin top, BAHAAAAAAAAAA.
  2. tonight for dinner, we made a lasagna that my mom had frozen for us back when roman was born, and it was yummy.
  3. roman is now 7 months old. and i haven't done his monthly [cheesy/homemade] photo shoot yet. but i will. soon, probably. (and yes, that means the lasagna was frozen 7 months ago)
  4. case just fell asleep to the E true-hollywood story about dog the bounty hunter. o goodness. these people are a mess. [am i judging? sorry.]
  5. who names their kid dog? or maybe that's just his nickname. dunno.
  6. in one week we'll be leavin on a jetplane. YES, roman, too. we're off to denver.
  7. on the same day we are flying out, i will be completing my last day of work. for the school year. (matter of fact, i have a 2:00 meeting and a 4:45 flight...........not sure how i'll be making all that all work..........oh dear)
  8. we are having someone come clean our house on tuesday. (i know, i know, i should probably do that on saturdays) but truth? i haven't cleaned in a long time. and another truth? i have an event every. single. evening. until the day we fly out, so i won't have time. and plus, mr leif is totally on board. so i'm not going to feel guilty.......i'm not going to feel guilty..........i'm not going to feel guilty.
  9. our school is being remodeled over the summer. so i have to pack up everything in my office by wednesday. uh oh. i haven't started. uh oh.
  10. my contract for next school year has officially been changed to 3 days a week.
  11. YES, that's right folks. i'm only working 3 days a week next year! boy, God is good. amen? amen :)
  12. i suppose i will have to cancel our cleaning lady after the first time she comes because a) i'll be home for the summer and won't have any excuse and b) i'm ONLY WORKING 3 DAYS next year so i should probably find time to scrub those floors.
  13. we like to buy little mini haagen daz ice creams, dolce de leche to be exact, and snarf them down. very fast.
  14. i miss roman during the nights and sometimes just want to tip toe into his room, snatch him up, and sneak him into our bed :)
  15. i'm tired.
  16. goodnight.
  17. i love that every time i push
  18. enter
  19. it adds another number
  20. twenty
  21. haha, did it again!
  22. oh my, i'm losing it.
  23. i don't like cats
  24. or squirrels.

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