Tuesday, May 10, 2011

right where i need to be.

this past semester has been a challenge for me.

brand new momma + working out of the home + finishing my final semester in my master's program + all my family at least 4 hours away = a worn out girl who is way too often desiring to move back to the small town livin'..........the simple life.............closer to my momma.........

BUT having just completed my degree, (YES!!! i did!!! last week was my last class, EVER!!!) i have felt the biggest weight sucked right off my shoulders up into the sky.

and, a few days ago, roman and i took a walk around our block.
the Lord opened my eyes to the beautiful life He has created for me, RIGHT here in kansas city.
i'm right where he wants me.
i need to live fully where i'm at.

on our walk, it was made clear that if i slow down.
if i simplify.
if i take the time to recognize the beauty around me, that i won't be wishing we could run away back home where i've created this 'made up easy life' in my mind..........

here is what i have RIGHT outside my doorstep:

a corner shot of our home. our cute, little, quaint TINY home.
one bathroom/two bedroom it may be. but it's cozy. and there is SO much love here.
come on over. i'd love to have ya. we've got left over champagne from mother's day in the fridge!

our cute little neighborhood, "countryside".
did i tell you we got yard of the week once? we did.
and we think it's because we finally planted a few flowers and pulled some weeds.
they were trying to reward us for FINALLY doing SOMETHING to our yard.
we were very lazy for the first year of home ownership (actually we were just driving back to nebraska every weekend for wedding marathon summer.)

and looking a few houses to the right... this grey beauty. (i tell mr leif i want to copy their color scheme on a regular basis.) but the best part of this home? the lady living inside. i haven't met the rest of her family yet, but she's a sweet one. and i hope to meet the rest when i bake them some lemon bars!!

and looking a few houses to the left... an older couple. i meet the husband regularly walking his dog as i'm off to work in the mornings, he always gives a big wave to me........they should get some lemon bars too.

and across the street...a playground. swarming with potential mom friends......should i bring some lemon bars to the park?

and caddy corner...(aka. summer hang out. roman=fish) lemon bars for the lifeguards? OK!

oh man, the trees are beautiful......but trees really can't eat lemon bars.
(am i taking this lemon bar thing too far? ok, sorry.)

and, eeeeeeksies. the quaintness of our little bridge.......
who's that baby?!

oh, the trees......

the giant trees............
i'm in love.

this walk was good for me.
so revealing.
it put me in my place.

and to help me focus on living fully even MORE??...........is this book that i'm reading.

i also gave one to my momma and motherinlaw for their mother's day gift :)

so, a toast to my summer....which starts in 16 days:
may it be one that challenges me to "leave the parched ground of pride, fear, and white-knuckle control and abandon myself to my God, who overflows my cup" (taken from her book)


  1. yes. lemon bars. and a teensy little glass of champagne too (don't tell that i drink teeny glasses of wine while i'm pregnant). i really want to read her book...i've been loving her posts on mothering lately. <3 you...so glad you are DONE!

  2. You're not the only one who's had that run away feeling. I've wanted to be closer to home too, but like you, God has revealed he has me right where he wants me. Glad things are slowing down for you!

  3. your neighborhood is absolutely gorgeous! the trees and the ambience are so charming!

    and CONGRATULATIONS for finishing your degree!!!! I'm so proud of you. such a HUGE accomplishment.