Sunday, June 5, 2011

days in denver.

we kicked off summer right, a trip to denver :)
thanks mr leif for the new phone, i snapped away.....we had a blast in the CO:

where we played house with cousin charlotte, one sock on and one sock off.....she was pushin you around in her stroller.
where we snuggled with grammy in the mornings.
where we became groupies of the mariachi band at the wedding.
where we practiced our crawling with daddy.
where we had a blast in the water table with charlotte.
where we snuggled with daddy before he left....because we got to stay 3 extra days!

where we put a do-rag on you to protect you from the red hot sun.
where we played with charlottes girly toys.
where we rode in a big kid carseat, and don't tell was facing forward!

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