Monday, June 6, 2011

a weekend spent in water.

i suppose i had it commin
you know, letting little roman, OUR OFFICIAL CRAWLER, crawl all over the airport....and the airplane....(can you think of anything else more disgusting?)
but the consequence didn't come right away.
matter of fact, when we woke up on friday morning, our first morning home after being gone for a week, rooms and i were jumping for joy.
it's true.
it was our first official day of summer, home, together.
so what the heck, we hit up the pool.

matter of fact, romes was so 'chill' at the pool, that as i walked him home in the stroller, i thought to myself, "well, hmmmm, i might just mow the lawn and let him relax in the stroller, in the shade."
so that's what i did.
i mowed.
he drifted off into sleep by the hum of the mower.

bad mom newsflash #1. i forgot to take off his swim diaper. (i know, SORRY!)
good news? he was fine, no rash, totally fine.
bad mom newsflash #2. turns out i had him sleeping outside, in the heat, while he had a fever.
good news? there isn't any to go with that.

when i picked him up after mowing, he was hot, but i just figured it's because it was a bit warm out......but nope.
he had a fever.
and it lasted for 2 and a half days.

poor little guy.

friday night was spent in here:
it's amazing how well a bath can cool a baby down.
even break their fever.
however, as soon as bath time is over, it shoots right back up :(
romes rocked the nakedbaby look most of the weekend.

he was a trooper though.
we made a quick appearance at mr leif's work picnic on saturday.
although, we spent most of the picnic in the AC of the car :)

the rest of saturday and part of sunday were spent back in the bath tub.
thankgoodness, finally, by sunday morning, the fever was gone.
we were able to go to church AND another picnic. in the 95 degree humidity. yay.
he's on the mend, folks!
and our week ahead is looking good.


  1. poor baby! i've done that many a' times, so don't feel so bad. i'm glad he's feeling better. and happy summer to YOU!!! xoxo

  2. aww poor baby! glad he's feeling better, and ohsovery glad that you're chillin together and enjoying a much-needed summer break! xo