Friday, July 1, 2011

he's just got a natural eye for art.

it's true.
the little romanator's got talent my friends:

this year was mr leif's first father's day.
i wanted to start a tradition.
a tradition that could easily be carried on through the years, with each child we will have.
a tradition that would be inexpensive
a tradition that would be created by the kids
a tradition that would produce something their dad can keep, as his pride and joy and possibly display it someday in his office (you know, someday when his office isn't also the storage room, guest bedroom, and the laundry folding station......)

canvas and washable paint, thank you hobby lobby.






as you can see,
we had one proud daddy on our hands.....
and yet, an even prouder son :)

and yes, father's day was so 2 weeks ago, but it's summer people! we've been busy ...................we've got things to crawl on, bugs to eat, and adventures to explore!

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