Sunday, July 3, 2011

it's just a game, mom :)

so, here's the deal:
my crib is more like my playpen.
a place that gets me all giggly and silly
and most recently?
i've created a game.
you see, first, i pull up into standing position.
oh my goodness. this is awesome.
k, then, get i pull my paci out of my mouth!!!
isn't it SO funny, you guys?!!
ok, wait for it........
wait for it..........
then, i dangle it over the crib very slowly.
backkkkkkk and forttth.
against the crib spindles.
oh! hahahahaha
there it goes.
down to the floor!
isn't that fun mom!
oh man, it's so MUCH fun!
and, guess what?!!!
i'll do a little dance for you too!
but mom,
just know that as soon as you pick it up,
i'll do it all over again.

don't you love me?!

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