Monday, July 11, 2011

how did i not know we had an electric sander?

i'm a sucker for garage sales.
when thursday roles around during summer, street corners are filled with garage sale signs.
but, you've got to be picky.
so, i typically hit up the nice neighborhoods.
those are the houses that buy way too many clothes for their kids, thus resulting in none of them being very worn out, thus resulting in me buying them for romes.
babygap galore. because babygap is like the walmart for rich people when it comes to buying their kids' clothes. and it also happens to be my favorite style of boys clothes out there :)
(other than mini boden....but when i walk by that at nordstroms, my wallet instantly puts a padlock around itself, mr leif's orders)

when you are looking for a fun furniture project?
don't go to them.
go the opposite direction.
you want something sort of old-looking, and you want to spend notverymuch money on it.

i bring you this end table.
it was being sold for $20, I got it for $10 :)
solid, not a scratch on it, sturdy, drawer works great!
but, it's been in my garage for a month now, because i've been dreading the sanding process.

so this weekend, on saturday,
i finally went out and bought some sort of spraypaint that claims there is no sanding or priming needed.
i get home, all pumped to attack this table......
and mr leif proudly declares, "we have an electric sander you could just use. it will only take a couple minutes to get the top layer off"
well heck, yah, mr leif!
i'm in.

turns out, i took out any frustrations of the day, errrrr, week on the sanding portion of the project and just sanded the crap outta this thing.
no top layer only for this girl.
i was sanding for a good 20 minutes or so :)

next up, i went to town with the spray paint.
i could have just painted it with regular paint and a brush, i suppose.
but....i already had bought the spray paint.
so that was step one on saturday.
sand, and wipe off = 30 minutes
paint = 15 minutes
sunday afternoon came.
and i was very pleased with how things were rolling along.
however, we were not pleased with our current drainage issue in the kitchen sink.
so, i was off to home depot to kill two birds, with one cliche, i know.
cute knobs, that mr leif said home depot sells, and drain stuff.

i wanted something colorful, but not too bright.
something that was in the blues/greens/yellows....
for the knobs.
drain stuff? check!
knobs? no. nothing other than plain nasty silver, gold, metallic, chromish ones at the depot.
hmmmph. just happens to be that anthro is less then 10 minutes from my house.
needless to say, i took the "long way" home and quickly stopped there to pick up these cute knobbies :)
here it is!!
and last night, while i was rearranging our guest room, i came across this cute little guy that came with an etsy purchase i made almost two years ago.
so now our guests will have a nifty little table with a sweet little quote on top.
now.....don't all jump at once, but WHO WANTS TO COME VISIT, AND STAY IN OUR GUEST ROOM?!?!
this weekend is booked already :)

she's comin to town :)

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