Sunday, July 10, 2011

a four step, DIY. (doesn't get easier then this, friends!)

when i first stumbled upon the cute idea below, i thought to myself, hmmmm, now that's something i can do, and i can do it fast.
i mean, i love projects......but when their steps out-number the amount of supplies you need, my adhd brain gets antsy.
this one was quick, painless, and quite easy.
(and my aunt joan was here, and she may or may not have done most of the glueing while i was playing DJ on pandora and serving everyone boulevard wheats with lemon)

for the deets:
supplies - canvas, fabric, hot glue gun, tissue paper

now, hobby lobby doesn't have the best selection of fabric and tissue paper, but i was pleased with my picks :)

1. cover your canvas with your fabric (and hot glue it down on the backside)
2. cut your tissue papers into about 4x4 inch squares, fold them in half, then in half again, and then make a little ice cream cone like thing and cut the edges into a round shaped half moon thingy. (didn't make sense? go here!)
3. glue the tips of your flower stems onto your canvas to make your letter! cool! or maybe you're making a number?! cool too.
"L" for LEIF, get it?!!!
ok, one more picture.

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  1. ahh cute!! i think i should probably make one of these for the nursery once baby f arrives. :-)