Friday, September 23, 2011

chocolate chips and dry shampoo.

it's what i'm into these days.
no joke.

but that's not all........

currently, i am: the park with the romanator as much as possible.

...excited to see all of these people (plus more family...yes there's more!!!) this weekend, at a wedding.....oh boy!

...hoping we have time to stop at the omaha zoo

...excited to stay with dear friends ryan and katie tonight!!!

...loving my days off with roman. why do i still want to eat him up daily. he's so scrumptious.

...mailing out his FIRST BIRTHDAY INVITES today. oh my.

...trying to remember the last time we mowed our lawn. uh oh.

...dreading blow drying my hair in about 5 minutes. i hate that it takes forever.

...but loving that i only have to pack some dry shampoo and my hair will be good to go for the whole weekend. thank you sister. thank you tigi.

...eating handfuls of chocolate chips


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