Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a colorado cousin.

the first week in november, romes and i hit the air.
we were off to the CO for charlotte's 2nd birthday :)
a 7:30am flight means arrive at the airport by 6:30,
which means leave at 5:45,
which means wake up at 5:00am
5am? not to unusual in the leif house - roman is quite the early riser.
BUT, he must of known somethin was up, for he woke at 4:00!
and he was a ball of fire.
needless to say as we were rollin into the airport, mr leif had to crank up some gangsta rap just so we could keep him up. there's no sleepin' until we get ON the plane ;)

we arrived in denver by 8:30 :)
my dad and mom drove out too, so my dad picked us up......roman FINALLY slept in the truck ride from the airport. crazy kid.
we arrive to this:

roman is slowly bustin out of his toddler anxiety.
and slowly starting to love charlotte........

but not as much as she loves him :)

some more lovin'
they say that once you have children, you don't take "vacations" anymore, but rather they're called "trips"........i would agree.
a plane ride makes most mothers of toddlers want to order wine in-flight, rather than a soda, even at 7:30am. i resisted. but barely.
multiple nights away from home can be wearing on sleep schedules, throw a time change of an hour difference in denver, and for kicks add the daylight savings time adjustment, and you'll want to hide under pillows and blankets for infinity because you're. so. tired. but i resisted, barely, and kept trudging on :)
time at your sisters IS truly a vacation. not just a trip.
there were helping hands, and voices saying "go back to sleep, i'll watch roman for a while"
such grace ;)

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