Saturday, November 12, 2011

we partied in nebraska.

well, hi.
...........if anyone is even out there ;)
i've been mia for a while and i have lots of excuses as to why, however, i shall not bore you with those!

a long time ago, like a month ago, we went home to nebraska to celebrate roman's first birthday.

i spent way too much time trying to make a little party favor that would contain a photo from each of roman's first 12 months of life. and, thanks to a good friend who rescued me with adhesive spray, i finally completed them and vowed to never do that craft again. ever. (sorry to the rest of my future kids. hopefully i'll come up with something easier.)

so yes. we were off to nebraska.
before the party started, we had a much needed hair-cutting session outside.
in the stroller.
watching the horsies.
thanks aunty liza!!!

and as soon as the haircut was over (roman hates the clippers. hates.) we moved onto project set-up-for-party. i hauled a few things back from KC and with the help of my mom and sister, we got our fingers dirty in creativity. we had fun ;)
yummy, YUMMY white-chocolate raspberry cake
grammy abbi picked this sucker up from the "cake lady" in lincoln ;)
the guests began arriving (our giant families) and soon it was partay time.
we sang, we lit candles, we clapped, we wore birthday hats.
all in big anticipation for.......

...the smashing and eating of the cake.
however, roman wasn't into it.
COME ON ROMES!!!!! eat that CAKE!
he even received cake-eating peptalks from uncle donavan, grammy ribbens, uncle cameron, uncle aaron, grammy AND mommy again, but NOPE.

roman got some lovely gifts ;)

and we got to spend such sweet time with family

aunty liza & cousin charlotte, uncle cam and 2nd cousin hudson, aunty lesley and little rome

so happy to have celebrated such a fun day with our families :)
roman and i stayed back in nebraska for the next few days with my sister and little charlotte.
we were busy visiting aunties and grammies and collecting pine cones ;) (for a craft, ok?)
one day, we even went into school to say hi to roman's uncles (mr leif's little brothers) and yikes. talk about nostalgia. i was immediately taken back to all of my high school memories ;) and of course, the beginnings of a romance that eventually led to marriage....oh mr leif, remember the good ole days?! i could hardly ever get you to come talk to me at my locker. tsssk tsssssk, so shy.


i promise to be up and posting again ;)

this past month has been so busy! i've got lots to talk about....

a visit to grammy abbi and grandpa kurt's farm! (roman even got to help harvest in the combine!)
a visit to KC from mr leif's family! (they may or may not have brought a cow with them!)
a halloween that wasn't! (what?)
a trip to colorado! (charlotte turned 2!)
and of course, i'll share all sorts of crazy stuff that has been taking up space in my mind. (i've got about 6 posts already started in my mind.....)


  1. He looks SO grown up with the new haircut! So handsome. I love the favor, how precious!

  2. Fun party, love the cake topper!

  3. ahh, look at ya'll up there! such a GORGEOUS FAMILY! geesh. what a fun party for the mister.

    and p.s. this song makes me CRY! hello, hormones! hello.