Friday, November 18, 2011

catching up.

getting caught up, the easy way: phone photos from the past few weeks dumped into the blog :)

1. back home in the NE. grampa kurt teaching romes the ways of the field.
2. this combine is saweeeeet.
3. grammy abbi took me to see uncle colton's baby calves. moo says the cow.
4. tryin' out my new birthday wheels. pretty fly ey.
5. daily tunnel walks. tunnel walk? future husker? HA!
6. grampa kurt, grammy abbi, uncle colton and uncle cam came to KC! colton brought his cow for a cow show! moo.
7. uncle cam chillin at the hotel. romes got to swim with him too ;) gotta love hotel pools.
8. the halloween that wasn't? roman was sick that weekend. but we did have a little dinkydino costume.....

9. charlotte turned 2! off on a jet plane to go help her celebrate!
10. finally found a reliable babysitter = happy lindsey (date night with mr leif)
11. love my flannel wearin' brownbear.
12. snuggles with pop-pop. he came to visit on a work trip!
13. loving our cousin time in denver. noodles n co. wasssssup.
14. this is the life.
15. who sleeps on a plane? not little dizzle. he waits until after we arrive.....little stinker ;)

alright folks, there ya have it.

AHHHHHHH. {we had a doubledate tonight.....and i had coffee at 7pm........and now i'm wide awake......} AHHHHHHHH.

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  1. love it!! so much fun!

    Hey, i'm hosting a recipe exchange over on my blog! would love for you and your readers to participate!