Monday, December 19, 2011

stars of glory

so, i listen to "stars of glory" about 10 times a day.
at least.

because, when i discovered the lowerlights christmas album a couple months ago,
it found a comfy spot in my itunes, immediately.

needless to say, when i stumbled upon this version {the one in the video below}, live?
my heart was glad.

do you want a happy heart too?
then listen ;)

but first pause my music player, down a bit & to the right of your screen!

and for your resonating pleasure:

Stars of glory shine more brightly,
Purer be the moonlight's beam,
Glide ye hours and moments lightly,
Swiftly down time's deep'ning stream.
Bring the hour that banished sadness,
Brought redemption down to earth,
When the shepherds heard with gladness
Tidings of a Saviour's birth.

See the shepherds quickly rising,
Hast'ning to the humble stall,
And the newborn Infant prizing,
As the mighty Lord of All.
Lowly now they bend before him
In His helpless infant state.
Firmly faithful we adore Him,
And His greatness celebrate.

See how Mary loves her Boychild
In the light of Bethlehem.
Lowly ox and ass breathe warmly
On the little Lord of All.
Now the world is hushed in stillness,
In the joy of knowing God is near!
Hope and love have come to dwell here,
Driving out the night of fear.

Hark! The swell of heav'nly voices
Peals along the vaulted sky.
Angels sing while earth rejoices,
"Glory to our God on high!
Glory in the highest heaven.
Peace to lowly ones on earth.
Joy to these and bliss be given
In the great Redeemer's birth."


  1. So pretty! Love that song!

  2. Hi Lindsey, I wanted to let you know I'm passing the "Liebster Blog Award" on to you! You can read about it on my blog today. Merry Christmas!

  3. Such a great song! Thanks for sharing. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!!! :) I love reading your comments.

  4. Just beautiful. Such pure voices. Found you through Kate's Liebster awards. Nice to meet ya. Oh, and I loooove the name Roman. Precious! Merry Christmas to you and yours :)

  5. ps, there is a give a way on my blog!

    Great song! such amazing lyrics!

    have a merry x mas!