Wednesday, January 4, 2012

a little confession.

today i wanted to shove roman's broccoli and beans and peas {and all the other MILLIONS of things i tried to feed him} INTO HIS MOUTH.

i didn't though.


but the thought came across my mind.

how IS IT that he can snarf up noodles. and ice cream. but spit out and throw his veggies all over the place. and his fruit. and yogurt [COME ON, yogurt used to be our go-to food!!!!]

all of his food. ALL of it. ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE.

i KNOW he's teething.
i KNOW he's just testing my limits.
i KNOW it's a little phase.
but, hotdang.

today, i thought, "hmmmm, i'm going to pretend like he hasn't been boycotting food and just make him a nice little well balanced lunch" [like normal] [normal=2 weeks ago....when things were going good].

so this is plan A
a few blackberries, some applesauce, a few peas, some noodles and sauce, some water, yogurt, and cheese. ALL nicely placed on a cute little plate in front of ME. because goodheavens, you don't wanna see what happens if i let him get his paws on the plate. FOODFIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so yes.
there i was, pretending like we were going to have a nice little lunch together...

....."mmmm blackberries roman!! you love these!!!"
he opens his mouth, in goes the berries....
OUT go the berries.

repeat that little stint over and over and over with ALL OF THE THINGS on his plate.
fail. fail. fail.
except plain noodles.

breathe lindsey, breathe.

plan B.
turn on the lion king.
i know, i know, it's not good to put tv on for the kid when he's eating, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF TIMON AND PUMBAA, i was desperate.
so there we were.....
jammin out to the circle of life, simba has just been born, and NOW I ATTACK, in slips the pea. {hehehe, i chuckle to myself. im so sneaky. he'll surely eat the pea now!!!}
the pea is thrust through the air, by romans (adorable) little fingers
followed by the one word that makes a toddler mom shiver, "NO!"
yes, he said NO.

{he learned that over our 10day stint back home in the NE}
plan C.
inhale, exhale, chuck this one up to "he must be teething like a madman".....
and pull him out of his chair.
cue: afternoon tickle session. milk. and NAP!

i LOVE this kid like crazy.
even though he's boycotting all things nutritional.
i could SMOOCH him all.DAY.LONG.......

oh, the joys of parenting.

well, what-dya-do? dust myself off and try again tomorrow ;)


  1. haha funny diagram.

    Oh Linds. That SO used to be me with Finn. It's so so frustrating and used to stress me out so bad.

    But here's the thing i've learned: Our kids will eat if they are hungry enough. I do not know one kid who has starved himself to death. You don't see any kids in Africa throwing their peas, LOL.

    My kids now ALL eat like pigs. There is hope. Hang in there.

  2. Right there with you mama! Same problem everyday! So my philosophy has changed....feed him whatever he will eat!! Try a little bit of everything, but if it's turkey dogs and toast every meal, so be it! We will have many more battles to fight!

    Jamie Brown

  3. i like you. you're FUNNNNNY! :)

    miss you too!