Sunday, February 5, 2012

the day AT&T made me feel like i was on a game show.

the other day, i felt like i was on singled out.
you know, the mtv dating game show.
{disclosure - we didn't grow up with mtv at our house, BUT we did catch an episode here and there at a friends house :)}
so there i was....on the phone with at&t.

well, we did it.
we got cable again :)
mr leif called those folks up and said "listen here, you give me cable AND dvr for less than i was paying for basic cable or else i'll roundhouse kick you in the face"
actually, he didn't say that at all.
but, he DID get us cable AND dvr for less than we were paying for basic channel service.
rad, i know.

so we get this cable box on wednesday.
by wednesday night i'm going insane.
in a bad way.

you see, there's this high pitch ringing sound coming from the cable box.
i tried turning it off.
i tried rebooting it.
i tried unplugging it.
i tried lighting it on fire.
just kidding on the last one.

but really, nothing worked.
by the time mr leif got home wednesday night, i thought maybe it was just me.
and to make sure i wasn't truly insane i very calmly and politely (ha!) asked him if he too was hearing a high pitch ringing sound????
he was.

whew. ok, so i'm not losing my mind.

thursday comes, and the sound. doesn't. stop.
oh my. i can't even go into the living room/play room/tv room/room where we spend 80% of our day.
the ringing....hold me.

so i call up at&t.
they were so nice.
helped me out in the most awesome of ways.
they validated my frustration.
they gave me two options for remedying this lovely situation.
(i mean, COME ON, we are hosting a bombdiggity super bowl party tomorrow, it must be fixed! or it's the end of the world!!!! i dont' even know who's playing!! ha!)

and right before we settled on having a tech dude come by to replace our box, i got the question,

"mam, can you just confirm one thing for us real quick?" (them)
"yes! definitely!" (me)

"ok! what is your husband's favorite actor?" (them)
"uhhhhh, what?"

"well, before we can complete your request, we need you to answer this security question"
"oh, ummmm, well, i have no idea" {insert absurd feeling of guilt}

awkward pause...

"ok mam, just take a guess"
"well, my husband isn't like a crazy movie fan, so i seriously have no idea"

{now i'm thinking, heck - we rent like 6 red boxes a week, we are movie freaks, and i seriously don't know his favorite actor!!!???} bad wife bad wife bad wife.

actually, i was sort of laughing.
i truely don't think it's a big deal not knowing his favorite actor.
for those of you who know mr leif, i'm sure you aren't surprised that he isn't some sort of movie actor crazy person fan.

"ok mam, do you have a favorite actor? maybe he chose yours?"
"hahaha. oh my. this is awkward. i seriously have to answer this before i can get service to my broken cable box?"

(in my mind, i'm totally hoping he chose mr 'hottest man of the year' himself, bradley cooper)

"yes mam, it's called a security question"
"ok, i dont know, bradley cooper?"

"no mam, i'm sorry."

awkward silence

"you're just going to have to get that answer from your husband, and then call us back to finish this service order"

"uh, ok?"


but seriously.
i'm sort of gaa-gaa over both these fellas.

oh it's a toss up.
but i think i'm totally leaning towards bCoop.

so, anywho. i asked mr leif later on,
he says RIGHT away:
"bradley cooper"

take that at&t

but then, as i sat here typing this, i thought,
WHAT? if he told me bCoop and at&t said it wasn't b-imsohott-cooper, then who IS IT?????
so i asked mr leif,
"well, who did you tell at&t then?"
and he says...
"denzel washington. don't put that on your blog. pleeeeease?"


do you think i should start a bradley cooper / ryan gosling pinterest page? HA!
you'd "follow" it. don't lie.

too freaky?
i won't.
wink ;)

are you really confused with this post?
i thought so.

do i need to add "and then i found $100"
because if so, then i did.

oh, ps. a new cable box arrived in the mail today.
and pps. i fixed the old one by propping it up to let it cool off.
i'm a genius.
i know.


  1. Hah! Andy rented the movie "Drive" the other night and was like "I figured you'd like this" and I must have smiled a little too much and he was like "you don't have to act that happy about it." :)'s just a reflex.

  2. I had the same awkwardness with Verizon and my husband's "secret password". I had NO CLUE! I was like do you want his SS#?! NOPE - they needed that password...aaannnnddd...I had to call back. Annoying.

  3. This is really funny. Really. Because no man would admit - even to a faceless operator - that Bradley Cooper is his favorite actor. It's like admitting he prefers daiquiri's to drafts. Coincidentally, most of my top 5 hotties happen to also be my hub's favorite actors. He likes them because they're tough. I like them because...well, they're smokin.