Saturday, February 4, 2012

so fresh and so clean clean.

rub a dub dub.
roman loves the tub.

i present to you,
my little bathtimebaby: {i mean toddler}

little dizzle loves him some water.

in his face, his eyes, his mouth. he don't care.

he usually splashes about half of the water out of the tub. and onto dad.
dad? not mom?
yep, dad.
dad does baths.
mom is too tired from the day and needs a roman break, so dad does baths and mom just watches and smiles.
happy momma, means a happy dadda, and well of course a happy romyroo.

heck, he's already a master bubble blower.

oh, and he's got a thing for lights. loves to look at them,
stare into them like a little moth.
a cute moth though, most moths are gross.

and, he hates getting out.
HA! but what kid doesn't?
can't wait for summer and pool season.
this fishy gonna be swimmin up in der.

although, i don't wanna know what happens when he realizes the pool is just across the street from our house. i'll probably find him escaping daily.

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