Thursday, February 16, 2012

momma's gang.

there's something about friends who have multiple matching compartments as you.
that's what i like to call it.

i've met the sweetest group of friends these past 5 years in kansas city at our church, oak hills.
they have beautiful hearts. amazing hearts.
hearts for the Lord, and hearts for friendship.

i breathe in friendship like oxygen. so this has been so good for me.
because, we share compartments.

let me explain.
in the past, it felt like my life was SO compartmentalized.

i tried to be as involved as i could in church -- attending bible studies when i had time, volunteering for things when i found the time, but i wasn't consistent.......
i tried to be as involved as i could at work -- keeping up with coworkers, reading and researching, helping students and teachers, parents too, but i was always feeling like i wasn't doing enough.......
i tried to be as involved as i could with my classmates in my masters program -- attending study groups, appetizer gatherings to celebrate test scores, and sharing our issues {a bunch of counselors, what do you expect}.......
i tried to be as involved as i could with high school and college friends, and family -- staying in touch, keeping up, but it can be exhausting, and i never felt like i was keeping in touch enough......

and then, when i became a mom, i wanted to talk mom stuff with all of these people and speak about my faith, and being a wife, and keeping a house running........... and i always felt like i was falling short of doing the slightest bit of good in any category.

i wanted close, intimate, meaningful relationships with all of them, and there were too many.
i always felt exhausted.

there were so many compartments.

and now?
i'm SO grateful to be simplified down.
i feel like i can be intentional.

the group of mommas at our church has been a beautiful gift of GRACE for me.
they fit into all of my compartments. mommas, wives, housekeepers, and believers.
it's so good.
good to have them.
and for THAT i'm thankful.

here's a few of them at a chocolate night molly hosted in her mom's amazing porch/mini-cabin like thingy :)

now i know. it's NOT ABOUT ME. and my silly compartments.
it's not what life is all about.
the Bible doesn't tell me to seek until i find friends with matching compartments {are you sick of reading that dorky word, compartments? HA!}
in fact, we aren't called to a life of comfort at all, not here on this earth at least!!
it's not my mission to try make things all nice and simple, or easy.
but i truly believe the Lord has allowed this time of beautiful friendship for me, to help me slow down. to learn how to be still. a cleanse.
life is bound to be rocked.
but right now, in this little bit of calm, i hope to learn, and to grow.

AND???? my heart is SO happy that little roman gets to grow up with their children.

this past year, not having any family nearby has been difficult for me.
but also, this past year, i've grown so close to these girls.
i realize these people ARE my family.
sometimes our family in CHRIST is just as awesome as our other family :)

here's a couple of romy's buddies :)
we had a super bowl party, and they were whippin up some goodies for us in the kitchen!

i tried so hard to get them to all smile and sit nice, HAH!

and then roman got all crazy, and decided to push his little kitchen into his friends. AHHH.
we need to work on friendship skills.

we love them. so sweet. so sweet.

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  1. love the little boys- so sweet! & soo glad to be one of your "hommies"!! ;)..and love what you bring to the girls table too!!!