Friday, February 17, 2012

carrots and wine.

my mother and i are dangerously alike, so when she comes to visit, we wind up having a rather good time.

this past week, she was here helping me recover from surgery, and momma didn't disappoint.

what is it about seeing another absolutely love on your child?
i was reminded of that feeling when my sister was here a few weeks ago.
and this time? it was replicated, with so much energy, by my momma.

the pitter patter of feet, roman's first and grandma's second.
the giggles from tickles, roman's laughter and grandma's too.
watching someone enjoy your child, like really enjoy him, soaking him up like the summer sun?
it's better medicine than any doc could prescribe.
and yes, that's including my bottle of hydrocodone lovelies i was given post-op.
{i like saying post-op, i feel all grey's anatomy or something}

my mom has so gracefully slipped into her role as grandma.
she brought a "church bag" full of goodies for sunday.
she brought fun crayons and big roll of paper.
she brought snacks for romes.
i giggle, because i know she spends days {weeks maybe} preparing what she'll bring to her babies when she visits them.

when my momma comes to town, it's like i'm on vacation.
not only do we eat amazing food, but we snack like we're hungry 12 year olds just getting home from school. and it's good snacks.
nibs, chocolate covered almonds, ice cream, chips n salsa, the good stuff.
but the food doesn't stop there.
no, see, because i was succumbed to the couch, momma cooked.
cream cheesy, cinnamony, sugary, bread roll ups.
chicken noodle soup.
sloppy joes, hehe.
and we ordered pizza. because we always order pizza.
{crap. i'm really hungry, can you tell??? uhhh, what are we going to do for lunch today.....}

but you know what was my favorite part?
each night, we'd have a lovely glass of red wine.
and laugh at things like the courtney on the bachelor
or the 'late-breaking news' in kansas city at 10pm.
she made me eat carrots. i was eating chocolate chips.

but all too soon, my mother the wonder woman was whisked away to denver.
my poor sister and her family have been sick for over a week, and they were feeling just that, weak.
so momma went off to rescue another child, but she left this one happy and almost healthy.
between me walking around hunched over, and roman lifting up my shirt to see my "uh-oh",

he somehow attracted a vicious cold and fever.
so we're all snuggles around these parts.

but we didn't want to forget my momma's visit.
and, even though the house is completely torn apart already............ she left us fed, with a clean house, and laundry finished.
she's quite lovely.

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