Tuesday, February 7, 2012

what the heck do we do all day.

so glad you asked.
i don't know.
watch daytime tv and eat bon bons.
the uze.
we begin with brushing out teeth.

next we tell da-da buhbye!

next it's breakfast
and then we get ready for a play date, a trip the store, or the park!
{this particular day, we had a helper!!}
AND.....this photo is from two weeks ago. because, momma isn't gonna be snappin photos while we are trying to get out of the house. trust me. it's always a pleasant sight.
wow, WHAT a blessing to have a little helper? i loved it.

after our morning adventures?
it's time to talk to the grammys and grandpas.
today our media of choice was phone {while in a pot}
typically though? skype.
this way momma can get lunch ready :)

romy gets his nap on?
time to whirlwind clean! this place is a tornado by now.
and then.....
momma updates the shop!

phew. that break was just what we both needed!
after nap, we're refreshed and ready for wild game of peek-a-boo.
{and cars and trucks and books and throwing animals down the slide and playing chef.....}

and then it's our favorite time of the day.
DA-DA's home!!!!!!!!!
tonight? we played "tshhht tshhhht"
(that means squirt bottle in roman words)
chase dad!!!!!
eat dads food!!!!
yay mom gets a break!!!!!

and after bath?
night night!

and now mom and dad snarf up things like chocolate chips or brownies or ice cream.
because we're cool like that.
put the kid down, and get out the good stuff.

but really.
i wrote this to remember these easy days...........
life with one child is blissful. easy. and meant to be cherished.
i know someday, it will be ca-razy up in dis place.
but for now?
we're relishing in this beautiful season.
thank you LORD for motherhood.
it's truly the gift that just keeps giving.

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