Wednesday, February 8, 2012

i need champagne.

i would really love to make a toast.

after 4 days of constant phone calls, faxes, and emails, i no longer want to do mean things {VERY mean things} to my health insurance company.

long story short, tomorrow morning i'm having surgery.
i need a mesh patch put inside of me.
being preggo was rough on my abbs,
i now have 2 hernias,
and the holes in my abbs need fixed before i have more kids.
make sense?
thought so.

i had a CT scan, met with a surgeon, and am having surgery all in a 2 week time frame.

you'd think my 3 nights in a row of nightmares where scary men were chasing me with knives to cut me open WOULD BE ENOUGH TRAMA to deal with the days leading up to tomorrows surgery.

but NOPE.

the cherry on top just HAD to be that my insurance company said my surgery is from a pre-existing condition and they would NOT cover it.

but there's a request for champagne, remember?!!!!

BECAUSE, they called me at 5pm and said
"from our records....yadda yadda yaaaa......i guess you just made the window by 6 days"

i get to have surgery AND my insurance company has decided to help me out.

and in honor of my huge wave of relief, let's go down memory lane just a tad .......ah puerto rico, cheers!


  1. LINDSEEEEEY!!!!! surgery?!!!! oh man, oh man. i'll be praying for you tomorrow. my dad has to have surgery tomorrow too., so as i pray for him, i'll pray for you too ;) love you friend. cheers to MORE BABIIIIIIIIES!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh my gosh, what a crazy ride for you... ending in surgery!! wow. I'll be praying for you tomorrow!! and sending you lots of love and get-well hugs... wish I could bring by dinner and a treat for you in your recovery. :)
    and yes, hooray for future babies... get those hernias fixed!! :)
    love you, Lindsey... may you have peace and comfort tomorrow! <3