Wednesday, March 21, 2012

tooty, doodoo, and tina.

oh little romy.
did you know out of all the nicknames i've created for you {romes, romedizzle, romester, romanator, and some new ones are tooty, doodoo, and tina -- because i think it's funny to tell you to "eat your ham tina", you know.....from napolean dynamite. oh my. i'm lame} i've never used romy before?!
nope, someone else came up with it :)
your little friend Jairus spotted you in church one sunday, pointed towards you, and in his sweet little voice said "romy!! romy!!"
his momma and i laugh each sunday morning, because as soon as he sees our family, he begins shouting, "romy! romy!"
so now, my most favorite nickname for you is romy :)

oh little romy,
the other day we went to visit momma's friend katie {hi katie!} and her new little puppy, reggie. did you know it was like 80 degrees in march?! that's crazy for our kansas city weather, 70 maybe, but 80 was awesome.
i love the sun. and you love puppies.
we're a great pair :)

happy seventeen months, little dude.
it's sort of ironic, because as much as i love to update your little growing self each month, i also hate it! the months seem to come so fast, one right after the other, and i {like every other momma} i just want time to slow down. though i still look at your face and see my baby, i know time will fly and before you know it i'll be seeing my big boy. no more baby.

{yeah, yeah, insert all of your comments about "you should have another baby then!!!" and to that i say, "not yet, not yet!"}

i wish i could describe how much i love you, roman.
i wish i could describe how much i love your father, knowing how much he loves you.
i wish i could describe all of these mushy gushy feelings.
but words simply cannot, and thus i wish that every girl i know would someday become a momma, because it truly is a miracle ;)
not only does it take your marriage to a whole, new, amazing level, but it makes your heart expand so very, very large.

and, although you are beginning to stretch me thin with figuring how to parent/discipline/train you, my little one, there is never a moment that goes by when i don't know the Lord put you in our family, a perfect match, to raise you and teach you and mold you for his glory.

and, although i've fallen SO hard into a trench of guilt/worry/confusion with how to discipline your wild little {truly, FUN} spirit......i've also found so much peace. knowing each day is fresh, each day we get a new dose of grace, and each day i can come before our Father, to ask for his mercy on me and my ugly parenting struggles :) and THAT makes me want to do cartwheels, with frenchbraided pigtails, and then have a glass of wine. CHEERS to that.

oh rome, your energy is delightful.
we spend most of our mornings outside, running errands, or meeting up to play with friends.
and then we spend most of our afternoons napping, reading books, and then running around the house like crazy people, and we take peekaboo to a whole new level, we do, and then we have snacks until daddy gets home.
oh, and sometimes we try to make dinner. together.
BECAUSE you must be next to me all the time.
i mean, i don't mind, but i can't get a lot done, which is OK, just a season we're in, me 'n you :)

my baby, you are a great eater! {ahhh, thank you, finally}
you like way more different foods than i do already, which makes it hard when you try to feed me things like broccoli and i cringe because i WANT to model that momma eats healthy too! but i HATE broccoli so bad and really want to dry-heave when it comes that close to my mouth. i'd much rather have string cheese. and thank goodness, little boy loves him some string cheese too :)

romy, you've so gracefully slipped into the roll as sidekick/helper. you think you're pretty topdawwwwg when you come alongside of your momma or dadda to help pick up toys, fold laundry, switch the laundry, pick up sticks, unload the dishwasher, and eat ice cream :)

and romes, can i tell you a secret?
along with about 8 other specific things, i'm praying that you would have a passion for music.
your daddy is not really into concert hopping {bummer, because i totally am} and blaring his voice while singing along with tunes. and, well, i need a partner in crime. as of now, you kind of give me a weird look, and say in your half laughing voice, "mommmmaa, hah, mommma" when i'm singing and dancing. but you don't really jump in and join. and if you do, you just drop your butt up and down or spin in a circle.
i would like you to have a good voice, be able to read music and either play the guitar or violin. ok? thanks.
but really, i'll love you all the same if you have the same musical talents as your father ;)
{you just better have his athleticism then....} KIDDING! kind of. not really, yes, i am.

oh roman.
thank you for loving chocolate, and ice cream.
thank you for letting me spike your hair each morning with daddy's hair stuff.
thank you for loving your bottles and letting me rock you while you drink your milk.
thank you for being so easy to tickle, your laugh is truly contagious.
thank you for looking like your daddy, and THAT i could never get sick of.

next up, eighteen months :)


  1. YOU are the best writer. you make me giggle. and then choke up. and them smile some more.

    oh romy. i have loved watching you grow, grow, grow. if you bring us bloggers so much joy, i can just imagine how much joy you bring your momma. BIG JOY. keep growing strong, baby boy.

    and yes. more babies PLEASE! ;) hehe. i had to! (too? it's late. and i'm confused on my toos.)

  2. Ironically, Sam uses your child's name for everyone else's nickname at church. He calls Jairus, Asher and Bram "Roman". Everyone is Roman! :)