Wednesday, April 4, 2012



did you lose us?
don't worry.
still here :)

life just gets crazy busy amazingly awesome sometimes.

but i'll do a quick recap. because this is supposed to be our little family scrapbook thingy.
and we can't just forget about march now can we?!!

ready to get SLAMDUNKED with photos from my phone?

here's a blast from the past {month}

we ate cheddar puff things from trader joes
we went out ate weird food at this new restaurant on the plaza.
wouldn't recommend the place.
can't even remember its name. sorry.
but i WOULD recommend dates.
they ARE the bestest.
do you wish you could still go to prom?
i do.
i actually cooked something yummy.
i saw the pretty sky in between the buildings of DT KC
i decorated a wall.
we had doctor appointments
we found the hot chocolate powder stuff. and ate it.
we took baths {duh}
we ate frozen yogurt
we took even more baths. because it's so hot outside.
and we get very dirty. and we get dirt under our fingernails.
and sometimes we try to kill time in the afternoons until dad gets home
{lets be honest}
we drove to nebraska. and stayed for like 6 days. mega family time. yummy.
there was a wedding too. it was fun.
we danced. a lot.
and shook our bootys.
even my sissy did and she's preggo AGAIN!!!!!
my parents came to visit. and we worked in our back yard.
a lot.
and we found this wall. under a bunch of vines.
we were glad.
and hot and sweaty.
we discovered how hard of a worker romy is.
and discussed whether or not we should hire him out on craigslist.
just for a little extra spending money.
i mean, targets colored skinnies are only 23 dollars.
but i want them in every color.
we declared our romy a prince.
or at least burger king did.
as we drove up the I35 to nebraski
we played SO very hard with second cousins at the wedding.
{like so hard romes puked all over his shirt}
it was either A) from running around and jumping too much
or B) from eating too much dirt.
i'm an awesome mom.
we loved on cousin charlotte.
actually she loved all over romy and he wasn't havin it.
they'll be best buds one day.
either when she stops kissing him. or he learns to appreciate her kissies.
not sure which will come first.
we spent time with grammy abbi at the park in my hometown.
a bit of nostolgia being back home.
my kid is playing on the slides i used to?
mom came back to visit. again.
but we always welcome her with open arms.
she and mr leif did more landscaping.
i ate chocolate easter eggs. and hung out with my sissy.
my mom brought home a bunny.
and then we found out bunny was a rent to own.
she brought the animal home FOR US TO KEEP.
oh mother. you so sweet.
but after roman smacked the bunny in the face, and then tried to bead it as if
we were in mardi gras, we decided.
no pets for the leif home right now.
because we'd rather visit animals at the farm {LOVE deanna rose farmstead}
romy loved the goats.
at one point in time, he had one goat behind him with its 2 front paws on his back
and another off to the side sucking on his fingers.
romes didn't care.
he's like ace ventura in pet detective.
charlotte fed the baby goats some milk.
romes couldn't participate because he wanted to drink the bottles.
silly kid.
i tried to be a snuggly with my boy.
because i can't stand it, i'm so in love with him.
we had so much cousin time.
water table time.
and sunshine time.
sniff sniff.....we didn't want them to go back to denver.
and now, we are learning how to slamdunk our animals into the bubbles.
fun times folks.
{but seriously, GOD is so good.}
oh, and here's romy's passport photo.
because we are flying out to jamaica on friday morning.doesn't it look like a mugshot?!!!!!
BAAAAAWAAAAhahahehehehah. romy. so baaaaad.

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